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Impact investments aim to solve social or environmental challenges while generating a financial return.  Impact investing includes an additional layer of research that goes beyond traditional financial analysis to analyze relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that can impact present and future performance.  Since 1999, CCM has been managing impact investments in fixed income.  A primary component and benefit of CCM's fixed income impact investing strategy is its pioneering research method, which combines an added layer of investment transparency by detailing the use of bond proceeds and providing a full understanding of the programs being financed. 

  • FOR BANK SHAREHOLDERS (CRAIX): The bank provides its targeted assessment areas (at the county level) and CRA qualified investments are purchased and earmarked in those targeted areas and earmarked, dollar for dollar, to the bank.  New qualified investments are purchased and earmarked to the bank in anticipation of its next CRA exam.

  • FOR INSTITUTIONAL SHAREHOLDERS/ADVISORS (CRANX): Investments can support specific impact themes or geographies.  Based on elected targets, the investment team seeks bonds whose proceeds benefit those requested screens.  In addition to traditional financial reporting, clients receive detailed impact reports outlining the community impact.

  • FOR INDIVIDUAL SHAREHOLDERS/ADVISORS (CRATX): All of the investments in the Fund finance impact initiatives nationwide.  These include but are not limited to: affordable housing, affordable healthcare, enterprise development, education, redevelopment of blighted communities, environmental sustainability and disaster recovery initiatives.


The CRA Qualified Investment Fund is distributed by SEI Investments Distribution Co. (SIDCo), 1 Freedom Valley Dr., Oaks, PA 19456.  SIDCo is not affiliated with Community Capital Management.  Mutual fund investing involves risk including the loss of principal.  Bond and bond funds are subject to interest rate risk and will decline in value as interest rates rise.  The Fund is non-diversified.

Carefully consider the Fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. This and other information can be found in the Fund's prospectus which can be obtained by calling 866-202-3573.  Please read it carefully before investing.

Holdings are subject to change. The top 10 Fund holdings as of 12/31/16 are as follows: First AM Gov Oblig. - Z: 2.72%; FN AS6785: 0.89%; FN AS6467: 0.77%; FN AZ0805: 0.72%; FN BC0223: 0.66%; GNR 2016-178 EA: 0.62%; FN AS7816 3.000000% 08/01: 0.60%; FN AS4913: 0.59%; GN AK8205: 0.59%; FN AS5767: 0.58%.